Random Art-ness #2

Well then, have some art!

Tah-dah! A vector of Twilight.  I sketched her then vectored her.  Hooray.

And sadly, that's all 0_0


Random Art-ness #1

Happy Veteran's Day! Both my grandpa and my great-grandpa fought in wars...  Well, here's all the stuff I've been working on the past three days.


Hooray for Lyra and Bon Bon!  I like them too much xD


Fluttershy sketch time.

A random sketch of Fluttershy I did on an index card at school.  I don't know why I made her wings so big... it just seemed like a good idea at the time.  Yes, I know there are too many butterflies xD


Another 'Nopony likes Derpy' story, but at least it has a sweet ending. Takes place before Twilight comes to Ponyville.


Nightmare Celestia

Poor Luna, she must grow so tired of her sister. It looks a little wonky in spots...

Big Arty art post lol.

Have some art.

This is based on a random thought that Celestia was actually Nightmare Moon xD

Viva Luna!  I probably should've put a "la" in there, too.  Dangit.
Lyra!  Er, uh, 'Heartstrings'.  
Princess Derpy?  0_0
A weird-looking chicken Scootaloo.
And finally, a Derpy vector. I cheated on the eyes a little...